What are we making this weekend? Pumpkin ricotta noodles! I have never been able to get a casserole to photograph well, but trust me when I tell you that this is a fall and winter staple around here. The dish is incredibly quick to put together and so delicious that C actually polished off a whole bowl (I’m still trying to increase their peanut butter and jelly sandwich/chicken nugget diet…alas, H wouldn’t touch it)! Link is here.

The instant pot love affair continues with miso risotto – made in under 20 minutes on a weeknight! Link to recipe here.

Current favorite soup with pre-cut organic butternut squash from Trader Joe’s. Just chop some apples and an onion, pour in broth, apple cider, and some spices, then slow cook: https://t.co/cXQRCQZgYhhttps://t.co/fK3q6uP8n7


Why hello there. It’s been a long time, huh? Since I last posted about being pregnant with twins (I think I was still in shock about the surprise of twins when I wrote that post!), things have been awfully silent around here. And that, unfortunately, is because I was barely able to cook while pregnant. Read the rest of this entry »

it’s definitely spring in seattle, full of flowers (yay), memos (yuck!), studying for midterms (double yuck!), and spending time with friends in town from california (super yay!).

in lieu of posting a recipe this week, i’m passing along this link to mark bittman’s article about customizable soups. my dad emailed me this recipe awhile ago, and mike and i have been enjoying trying all kinds of different riffs on the recipes. we’ve even been trying to follow bittman’s suggestion that you really don’t need a recipe for soup (i know this idea isn’t revolutionary, but i rarely cook without one…).

i’ll be back with some recipes soon, but until then, try out the recipes from one and two years ago!

one year ago: chickpea noodle soup
two years ago: coconut cinnamon lime rice

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