Why hello there. It’s been a long time, huh? Since I last posted about being pregnant with twins (I think I was still in shock about the surprise of twins when I wrote that post!), things have been awfully silent around here. And that, unfortunately, is because I was barely able to cook while pregnant. Read the rest of this entry »

it’s definitely spring in seattle, full of flowers (yay), memos (yuck!), studying for midterms (double yuck!), and spending time with friends in town from california (super yay!).

in lieu of posting a recipe this week, i’m passing along this link to mark bittman’s article about customizable soups. my dad emailed me this recipe awhile ago, and mike and i have been enjoying trying all kinds of different riffs on the recipes. we’ve even been trying to follow bittman’s suggestion that you really don’t need a recipe for soup (i know this idea isn’t revolutionary, but i rarely cook without one…).

i’ll be back with some recipes soon, but until then, try out the recipes from one and two years ago!

one year ago: chickpea noodle soup
two years ago: coconut cinnamon lime rice

hi friends! we’re back from our east coast / midwest vacation, and i’m still working on getting back in the swing of things. so instead of a real post with a recipe, will you take a link to a ton of pictures from the vacation? and pictures of some of the fabulous food we ate below?  pretty please? thanks – i owe you one, and i’ll be back next week with new recipes for y’all!

delicious food in portsmouth, nh

raw yam springs rolls

lentil roulade in phyllo over carrot cream sauce and swiss chard

amazing desserts

delicious vegetarian indian food

my avo and meunster sandwich

raspberries at the farmer's market

peas and squash blossoms

blackberry pie

it’s the very end of august, and we’ve reached the time of year when everyone’s going back to school, and tomatoes, corn, zucchini, etc, etc, are all coming out of the garden like crazy. but it’s not just the garden that’s going crazy – our lives have also been a tad nuts over the past few weeks as we squeezed in as much time as possible with my sister (who just left for grad school waaaay across the country), and juggled parties and work events.

tomato pie

no matter how busy we are, every time we walk into the house we’re greeted by beautiful, overflowing bags of produce that our lovely friends and family keep gifting us, and are filling our moments of spare time trying to use all of this produce. so what did we come up with?

tomato pie

well, we’ve made at least four winning recipes – the first of which is pie. yes, pie. have you made one lately? this week, we made two – a gorgeous blackberry pie with smitten kitchen’s amazing crust, and a tomato pie. i know that the latter one sounds weird, but it’s really amazing. since i didn’t edit smitten kitchen’s recipe at all, i’m just going to link to it here, strongly suggest you go there to try it out, and i’ll get to work writing the next installments.


amidst the spring time feasting that goes with easter (see the delicious tagine above!), i stumbled across the website and you tube videos of great depression cooking with clara.  clara is a 93 year old woman whose grandson decided to film her cooking recipes and offering tips she learned during the great depression. i was instantly drawn in by clara’s frank and no frills approach to both food and life, and watched almost all the videos in a row. while watching clara, i started to think about our current recession, and how the impact will last much longer than the recession itself – i think many of us have already changed our behaviors, thoughts, and ways we approach food as a direct result of the national financial crisis.  the videos also made me appreciate the abundance of beautiful foods in my life.

i hope you enjoy clara’s cooking videos as much as i did, and while you’re watching them, i’ll be cooking up some new recipes to post!

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