You guys. I, the lifetime vegetarian, made chicken this week. And BOTH of my kids loved it (for one night. They wouldn’t touch it again the next night, but let’s not talk about that.).

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What are we making this weekend? Pumpkin ricotta noodles! I have never been able to get a casserole to photograph well, but trust me when I tell you that this is a fall and winter staple around here. The dish is incredibly quick to put together and so delicious that C actually polished off a whole bowl (I’m still trying to increase their peanut butter and jelly sandwich/chicken nugget diet…alas, H wouldn’t touch it)! Link is here.

The instant pot love affair continues with miso risotto – made in under 20 minutes on a weeknight! Link to recipe here.


Why hello there. It’s been a long time, huh? Since I last posted about being pregnant with twins (I think I was still in shock about the surprise of twins when I wrote that post!), things have been awfully silent around here. And that, unfortunately, is because I was barely able to cook while pregnant. Read the rest of this entry »


we all know how much i love tacos (please reference the evidence of my love for tacos here, here, here, and here). tacos are always my go-to meal, and it’s rare that a week goes by when we don’t have some version of tacos on the dinner list. do you have a go-to meal, dear readers? one that you never get sick of eating? what is it? Read the rest of this entry »

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