flexitarians, semivegetarians, vegans, & omnivores: how do you classify your diet?

as i teeter on the brink of veganism (ie greatly minimizing but not yet completely eliminating dairy and eggs from my already veggie diet), and work my way slowly through michael pollan’s book the omnivore’s dilemma, i have been thinking a lot more about what i put into my body and why. the article below is a little long, but provides an interesting conversation about veganism, the wavy line of dietary classifications, honey, and the plight of the oh-so-important honeybee:

the great vegan honey debate

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  1. shaun Says:

    It’s all about organic beekeeping. Odd that he doesn’t mention that at all.

  2. Jessi Says:

    That so-called debate you linked to – do you or anyone you know have actual debates over eating honey? Wow.

    I don’t get all Jainist about my diet. That way would lead to madness. “What about yeasted bread?? We can’t hear the fungi scream but it doesn’t mean their little lives should be cut off in their prime!!”

    I had to stop being a vegetarian because my body doesn’t thrive that way. I don’t fall into a preset category. Through trial and error I’ve learned what works for my delicate digestion.

    Plenty of vegies, but not too many raw ones; whole grains but also white bread sometimes (easier for me to digest); lots of legumes; no dairy; 2 ounces beef or poultry a few times a week. I eat plenty of eggs, usually hard-boiled. They provide marvelous complete protein in an easily-digestible form. I encourage you to consider keeping eggs in your diet.

    I’m grateful to the free-range hens and organically-raised steers. And I enthusiastically support the humane farming act. http://www.humanecalifornia.org/
    (Disclaimer: Kate Hurley, a vet and one of their spokespeople, is the daughter of a friend of mine.)

  3. mike Says:

    I consider myself a flexitarian–my eating of animal products seems to ebb and flow, and it’s in a definite low swing right now. Recently I haven’t had any desire to eat meat (except for fish) so I’m not. I do continue to eat eggs.

    I’d like to learn more about organic beekeeping as well–I had no idea that bees were subject to being treated with chemicals.

  4. em Says:

    @shaun: i know!! the article is definitely lacking that aspect!

    @jessi: while i’ve never had honey debates, i know people who have. and i liked this explanation of the honey debate. thanks for the humane farming act link!

  5. Nondairyvegiecarnivore? | Jessibird Says:

    […] Thanks, Emilie, for starting a discussion on diet. […]

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